Executive Chef Lee Knoeppel

Kitchen Hours

Everyday 4pm to 12am

Dine in only – no carryout or delivery available

Sliders –  each 3 for $12 w/ Fries


Philly Cheese Steak

served w/ blackened ranch

BBQ Burger

topped w/ american cheese, crispy onions, jalapenos, bacon and BBQ sauce

Tiger Style

topped w/ lettuce, tomato, american cheese, caramelized onion and special sauce

Fried Chicken:

Classic Fried Chicken

topped w/ bacon, american cheese and blackened ranch

Korean Style

topped w/ pickled cucumbers and a carrot, ginger sauce

BBQ Fried Chicken

topped w/ chipotle slaw and sweet pickles


Black Bean Veggie Burger

topped w/ pico de gallo and white sauce


Fries or Tots – $8

Share with your friends! Each served w/ chipotle mayo, smokehouse sauce & ketchup +$2 w/ cheese

Warm Soft Pretzel – $6

served w/ spicy honey mustard

Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla – $11

w/ cheddar and celery served w/ bleu cheese dressing

Cheese Steak Quesadilla – $12

w/ peppers, onions and american cheese served w/ chipotle mayo

Tiger Style Tater Tots – $8

melted american cheese, carmelized onions and special sauce

Cheese Burger Egg Rolls – $9 (2 pcs)

served w/ smokehouse sauce

Korean BBQ Cheese Steak Tacos – $12 (3 pcs)

marinated steak w/ cheese and chipotle mayo and pickled cabbage

Cheesy Garlic Bread Bites – $6 (5 pcs)

served w/ homemade marinara sauce


Fried Cinnamon Sticks – $5

served w/ vanilla icing

Wings – 6 for $8 or 24 for $24

Choice of:

Classic Buffalo

w/ Bleu Cheese

Honey BBQ


w/ Blackened Ranch

Spicy Thai Chili

Maple Bacon

*Add extra dipping sauce for $1*

(Bleu, Ranch, or Blackened Ranch)

“The Big Deal” $24

Serves 4!

chicken quesadilla + garlic knots + tots + cheeseburger egg rolls

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