Harpoon Sriracha Blonde: The Return

Jul 9, 2017 — starts at 12:31am

Harpoon Sriracha Blonde: The Return

Join us Sunday July 9th as we celebrate the return of our Barcade exclusive brew, Harpoon Sriracha Blonde! This hot beer last warmed our hearts (and mouths) back in 2013, and we’ve missed it so much we had to make another batch!

Here’s the Tap List (so far…)

Harpoon Camp Wannamago – 5.0% – American Pale Ale brewed w/ mango

Harpoon Cider – 5.5% – Hard Apple Cider

Harpoon Don’t Be Bitter – 7.5% – American India Pale Ale brewed w/ wheat

Harpoon Frost Hammer – 10.7% – Doppelbock

Harpoon Hibiscus Cider – 5.5% – Hard Apple Cider brewed w/ hibiscus

Harpoon IPA – 5.9% – English style India Pale Ale

Harpoon Sriracha Blonde – 7.4% – Hot beer served here!

Harpoon Take 5 – 4.3% – Session IPA

Harpoon U.F.O. Hefeweizen – 5.1% – Unfiltered American style Wheat Ale

Harpoon U.F.O. Huckleberry – 4.8% –Unfiltered American Stlye Wheat Ale brewed w/ huckleberries